The Best Cheap Disney Vacation Packages 2020

10 Money Saving Strategies to Jump Start Your Dream Vacation

Your dream vacation can indeed come true with Walt Disney vacation packages. Yes, indeed, with the many benefits attached to all the vacation packages such as resort stay, free rides and dining options. You are spending money on a vacation that will last a lifetime.

If you’re in search of cheap Disney vacation packages, you will undoubtedly come across many offers online. Just as long as you book the trip at a trustworthy travel site, you will be able to save money on your dream vacation.

 Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL is one of the most visited places on earth. Every year, millions of visitors from around the world go to these “magical” theme parks to go on rides, shop, and experience fun activities for entertainment.

Orlando park

How to plan a memorable Disney vacation

Walt Disney World has been described as the happiest place on earth and who am I to argue? Despite the vast amounts of Disneyland vacation tips and information available online, I felt it was about time that my blog provided some Walt Disney World answers to some Walt Disney World Questions – based on my experience there a few years ago.

Whilst I’m no Walt Disney World expert, I can share some of my tips that helped make our family trip to Disneyland and Orlando Florida a truly memorable trip of a lifetime.

So, how happy a place is Disneyland Florida? Well, despite my most grumpy efforts in the name of research and the kids having bought me a “Grumpy” hoody to wear on the day, after just 20 minutes in the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom in Orlando I didn’t have a care in the world and it’s safe to say that I was a very happy man indeed – blimey, I must be going soft.

But our amazing Disney experience didn’t start there – it began several months earlier in a cold and damp UK when the decision was made that Walt Disney World in Florida was on our radar.

So my first Disneyland Vacation Tip is: Research Research Research – Plan Plan Plan.

A huge amount of effort spent now on researching and planning the entire trip in quite some detail will make for a far more enjoyable Disneyland visit later. Most of the legwork involves just wading through the mountains of Disney World information and advice available from Travel Agents and online.

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But don’t look on this as a difficult task. In actual fact, this is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of the whole Disney World adventure and leads me nicely onto my next tip.

My 2nd Disneyland Vacation Tip is: Get the Whole Family Involved in Planning.

Let’s get one fact clear from the very outset despite the fact that you will probably turn into a big kid when you get there anyway. This whole Disney Adventure is a trip primarily intended for the kids. So get them involved from the start.

Some of the best memories for me from our trip will always be the expressions on my daughter’s faces when just planning the trip. We got them looking things up online, picking out the rides and attractions they most wanted to see, where they wanted to shop, what they’d like to eat.

We talked about rest days, shopping days, kid’s choice days, grown up days, travel, transport and accommodation options and even involved them in looking at the various costs involved. You’ll be amazed at how sensible kids can be when given some responsibilities.

orlando river adventure

Our family trip to Disneyland owes its huge success largely to the fact that we planned the entire thing from an early stage and in quite some detail.

So, once you have decided that you are going to visit Disneyland Orlando. Imagine that your vacation starts from that point on. Start to enjoy just planning the trip with your whole family. It will be well worth it.

Disney Vacation Packages: Tips to Choose the Best!

When it comes to Walt Disney vacation packages, there’s a lot to choose from. There are options for vacations as small as a weekend to as long as a month.But what’s right for you not to mention your vacation budget? Here are some tips for choosing a Disney vacation hat will let you relax and have fun, without destroying your wallet!

How long is your vacation?

Not long enough, I’ll wager! But it’s one of the first questions you need to answer before picking a package.

Choosing how long you will be staying is a big factor on your price. A typical Disney adventure would be around 7 days, but it’s your choice if you want to stay longer, or even a bit shorter.

However, you to have to realize that going under a certain time, or over a certain time will have a major change on prices for your package.

If you stay too short a time, then you might have to pay the same as if you were staying a few days longer.

With all the specials like “stay 4 days and get 2 more free”, it’s only smart to look at various options. And while staying longer might not actually save you money, it can extend your budget.

Disney and the other attractions

Central Florida is theme park central it seems, and Disney World isn’t the only game in town (just the biggest). And I’ll be honest in a 7 days trip, even you will not be able to explore all 4 of the Disney theme parks, let alone Sea World, Universal, etc.

So this is another thing to decide; do you want to do just “some” Disney and still visit a few of the other Central Florida attractions? Or will it be Disney World all the way? Your answer will influence where you should stay on your vacation.

A Disney World Vacation Package:  A Better Idea for Families

SeaWorld Orlando - Save Over 35% on Tickets!
SeaWorld Orlando – Save Over 35% on Tickets!

In this tight economy it may be difficult to find a Disney World vacation package that matches your spending budget. Holidays are necessary for developing a better family rapport and engaging in cherished occasions together with your kids, therefore, the greater trip it is possible to create the better it is likely to be for your whole family.

The true secret is definitely figuring out precisely what you are doing and except if you if you happen to be a tour operator this is certainly tough.

We occasionally find super deals or discount rates which are not actually savings or discount rates in any way at all.

Nevertheless, there are numerous strategies to decide if a holiday offer actually is going for a good discount price and if you are able to save a small fortune by buying a package deal rather than all of the features independently.

If you decide to buy every element of your trip independently you would fritter away 1000’s of dollars, the bills can accumulate swiftly! You must think of the entrance tickets to the actual resort, meals, refreshments, transport costs, and do not overlook the hotel!

Among the finest methods to spend less is to purchase a Disney vacation package and ensure that you are staying in a Disney hotel. Should you choose this you may participate in added benefits that normal park visitors won’t get along the lines of longer resort hours, totally free transfer, as well as free food!

You will not appreciate your holiday if you need to spend lots of cash to have it. The top thing that you can do for you and your loved ones is get a Walt Disney Vacation package at a discount price tag.

If you hunt about on the internet you’ll find shortcuts as well as ideas to uncover the greatest programs.

Disney world military discount: Special offers for personnel who protect the USA

Disney World military discount is the way this popular theme park officials say “thank you” to all soldiers, marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, sailors and airmen for doing difficult jobs.

These special discounts are available only to military personnel and their families. It does not matter whether they are on active duty or have retired, in order to get their well-deserved rest.

The discounts apply to both categories and allow them to experience the magic of Walt Disney together with their families.

It is best if the family can go together on a vacation. However, sometimes active duty sends the military men and women away from home for months.

In such circumstances, their spouses are able to buy Disney World military discount packages and tickets for themselves and their children.

At Disney World Florida there is a resort, which is a Disney property, called Shades of Green. This resort is reserved entirely for USA military members and their families. The location of Shades of Green is amazing – it is located in the midst of golf courses, and in a refurbished landscape.

The surroundings are beautiful, with wonderful views from every room. If they are lucky, the guests of Shades of Green can watch one of the many world class gold games from their balconies.

The rooms available to military men and women and their families are the largest rooms one can find in all of the Disney resorts. They all feature two queen sized beds, coffee making facilities, mini bar and a balcony. A table and chairs are also part of the furnishings of these large rooms.

The guests of Shades of Green can sample delicious meals from one of many restaurants in the area. The prices in these restaurants are perhaps the cheapest in Disney World.

The restaurants feature cuisine from all over the world, and there is something for everyone’s taste.

Food is not the only cheap element for people on vacation using the Disney World military discount. Various discount tickets are available for the parks – there are park hopper tickets, water park tickets and many other options.

These tickets are available with over 50% off from the ticket office in the lobby of Shades of Green. They can be purchased only by members of the military or their spouses; a maximum of six tickets at a time.

Orlando Museum

Even though not everyone can buy a Disney World military discount package or service, most people agree that military personnel deserve these discounts, as do members of their families.

Tips and tricks to travel Disney

There are plenty of ways to save on admissions, accommodation, food, and even airfare. Whether you want to go to Orlando or LA, use the following tips to save.

Step 1: Look for deals and make your reservations on the internet. There are literally hundreds of packages to choose from, and you can keep up with all the latest discounts at bargain travel websites. You can also sign up for newsletters and an email alert so that you will be notified whenever a good deal pops up online.

Step 2: Visit the websites of hotels affiliated with the theme park and keep an eye out for special offers. Sometimes resorts in Orlando or LA will offer Disney vacation packages if you agree to stay for a select number of nights.

Step 3: Visit during off season. Obviously, the biggest crowds are on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Independence Day, so you can save money by not going during those times of the year. The cheapest times to go are late winter and during the summer months (except for July 4).

Step 4: Go with as many friends and relatives as possible. A large group will be eligible for a lot of savings. You may also want to consider renting a vacation home or condo instead of hotel rooms, especially if there are several people in your group.

The cost of renting a vacation home can sometimes cheaper than paying for four or five hotel rooms a night.

Follow these tips and you will undoubtedly find some Disney vacation packages that are within your budget range! You can search for them yourself or request that alerts be sent to you by signing up for travel newsletters and updates.

Keep eye on the following tips to save money while planning to travel Disney:

Make your reservations online

The main advantage about making your reservations online is that you have many choices at your fingertips where the vacation packages are concerned.

Since the latest discounts and budget options are prominently displayed, you are at the forefront of knowing your choices upfront.

Get an annual pass

Walt Disney vacation packages can become cheaper with an annual pass. With it, you can visit and revisit the numerous resorts anytime of the year while still enjoying cheaper rates than regular visitors.

For Florida residents, you can avail of a 50% discount on the annual pass, which means more savings.

Go on the off season

As can be expected, tickets for the rides, hotel room rates and other fees on the amenities are lower during the off season as part of promotional efforts.

Usually, the summer months and late winter are the off seasons while holiday weekends and spring break are the busiest.

Disney rewards visa card

If you want freebies, thus, save on money, the Disney Rewards Visa Card is the best choice. You can avail of free theme park tickets, hotel rooms, rentals on strollers and scooters, and even on merchandise.

You also have the opportunity for respectable discounts on travel insurance plus dining, to name two benefits.

Opt for vacation packages

Obviously, Walt Disney vacation packages are the way to go for the budget-conscious traveler. You should take advantage of the frequent discounts offered on the packages plus free services from the airport to the resort’s premises. And if you can show Florida residency as well as company-related benefits, you can slash the prices even further.

Go as a group

More often than not, going as a group will save on money simply because group discounts are offered, not to mention that there is good economics in numbers. And when looking for a place to stay, it is better financial sense to rent a vacation home instead of hotel rooms.

In fact, you can look into Disney World travel packages that are specifically catered for groups.

Eat-all-You-Can Buffets

Go out of Disney World to avail of eat-all-you-can buffets. You will be able to save money especially as Disney World restaurants are not exactly known for being cost-friendly. Also, bring juices and sandwiches for everybody so that you can save on snack expenses.

Book a hotel outside the park

If your budget is tight, you should look into budget but still comfortable accommodations outside of the Disney property. You can save as much as 25% with this option.

Do free activities

Check out the free things and activities to do at Disney World. Think strolling at the Boardwalk, hiking at the Disney Wilderness Preserve and watching the parades and street performers.

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Purchase from factory outlets

You can find many factory outlets outside of Disney World that offer souvenirs for a fraction of the cost inside the resorts.

With these money-saving strategies to choosing, booking and enjoying your Walt Disney vacation packages, a dream vacation you and your family waits.

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Wrapping up:

There are plenty of options for Cheap Disney vacation packages and they are great for making sure you have all the bases covered. Hotel? Check! Tickets? Check! Transportation? Check! Food? Disney dining is available!

The point is, a package lets you get what you need for your vacation, without missing something crucial. And while your package doesn’t have to be planned down to the minute, it’s great for having a framework.

Because, after all, you’re on a vacation at Walt Disney World to have fun in the Florida sun!

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