A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Solar Camping Lanterns.

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Solar Camping Lanterns.

What is Best Solar Camping Lanterns? And Why Should You Care? (Buyers Guide)

When it comes to solar-powered camping light, the best solar camping lantern is very versatile. In fact, solar lights of all types are so easy to use, store and setup that you could take almost any of them with you when you travel no matter if it is for camping or for other types of travel.

There are many articles on the Internet showing various types of camping lanterns. Kerosene, propane, or electric lanterns are the main types featured in these articles. The best solar camping lantern out performs all of these types in several ways.

The kerosene and propane lanterns both need a supply of fuel. That fuel is of course flammable so you have to be careful how you store it and transport it. In the case of kerosene, you have to be careful when you fill the lantern and not over fill it or get fuel all over. The propane lantern needs a propane cylinder inserted into the lantern. While this solves the flammable liquid issue it still is something that is a hazard. In either case, you have to decide how much fuel you have and how long it will last.

There is also the issue of safety with kerosene and propane lanterns. You can knock one over and if you do it could catch something on fire. These lanterns also get hot so you have to place them so nothing catches fire or melts or just gets hot and burns if it is touched by children or pets. These lanterns work well outside but can be a hazard inside. A tent, RV, or a house may not be the best place to have either a kerosene or propane lantern.

The electric lantern is better because they are often less expensive than the kerosene or propane, are efficient and much safer. Because the electric lantern does not give off as much heat, they are safer and can be used indoors as well as outdoor. The main problem with these lights is the need to have extra batteries.

The best answer is solar camping lantern. The answer to your need for light when you travel is to get solar-powered lanterns. You do not need fuel of any kind, you do not need to plug them into wires, and you do not need batteries. All you need to do is set the lantern in the sun for a few hours and then turn it on at night. You can also set the automatic switch so that it turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn.

Some solar lanterns even have a setting for colored light. Best Solar camping lantern are very safe and can be place indoors as well as out. If a solar light is knocked over, just pick it up. There is no fuel to spill and they are not hot. You can use them in a close area such as a tent but also in a house as a nightlight in a hallway. You can leave them on all night at an entrance, on a table, in a room or anyplace you want or need light and not worry.

The best solar camping lantern have all of the advantages of the other types of lanterns but none of the disadvantages. They will last and give light for years before the rechargeable batteries or the LED bulbs need to be changed. Take one of these lights on your next trip.

By taking into account the characteristics described above, you can find the best solar camping lantern for you and your family.



best portable solar powerbank

Product Summary: This is one of the best solar Lights from GoerTek. This charger is not so small to put your pocket but into your purse. It comes with a powerful built-in 25000 mAh Li-polymer battery. So, it’s enough to charge an iPhone XS for 7.4 times, a Galaxy S9 Plus for 5.7 times, an iPad Pro for 1.6 times! This charger is a great power backup to have.

This is always a plus if power is not available for several days due to some unforeseen event. It also has many ports to charge many devices simultaneously. The light is extremely bright. It will definitely illuminate a room.

This would be great a great safety item for long car trips for sure. You never know if you might get stranded in a snow storm for days. 

What makes it stand out?

  • 25000 mAh Ultra High Capacity Solar Charge
  • It can be Charge by 5V/2A adapter (13 hours) or solar (3 – 7 days) according to weather
  • The solar charger Powerbank has 3 USB Ports for Charge
  • 36 LED lights with powerful lighting function
  • 3 Modes for Lighting: Low, Medium and High
  • It’s the perfect companion for Travel, or adventure, rock climbing  and outings
  • There is a Carabiner that you can hang on your backpack and charge it through the sunlight at the same time
  • Water Resistant
  • One-Year Warranty for Solar Power Bank

The Cons: The Solar Charge panel is affected by the weather, the location or other factors, and the panel is not very big, so charging by sunlight will be slower and therefore only a backup feature.

Tip 1: Use USB cable & your 5V/2A adapter to charge the solar power bank for 13 hours before the first using.

Tip 2: Keep more than 25% of the electricity before charging via sunlight

Tip 3: The USB power bank used ABS material, stylish and decent,IPX6 waterproof but can’t be thrown into the water or the fire directly.

Tip 4: Never attempt to disassemble or reassemble. Leave it in car is not allowed, because the high temperature will damage the product.

Tip 5: The LED lights: Double click to open the lights, then click to choose three brightness, and double click to close the lights.

Tip 6: There are 5 indicator lights. The first one on the left is the charging indicator. When the device is charged by the sun, it lights up in green. When the device is charged by the adapter, it lights up in blue. The four indicators on the right represent 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the power.

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SUAOKI LED camping lantern

Product Summary: The SUAOKI dual charging system lets you choose between charging via a USB port or via the built-in solar panel. Nothing beats a hassle-free camping experience or hiking experience when you’ve got a reliable, high-quality, yet cost-effective multi-functional LED lantern light that ensures a constant lighting source. 

This lantern gives off plenty of light without being too bright. You will love for its compact size and ease of this lantern. It can be used in opened up while sitting around the camp site and used it collapsed down while walking around the camp ground.

What makes it stand out?

  • It can be charged through a USB port or built in solar panel
  • Three different lighting modes: Low, High, SOS.
  • Can be used as flashlight on compressed position and can be used as regular lantern when it is on expand mode.
  • Multifunctional use: Camping, Hiking or even as a reading light.
  • Extremely bright, 3 levels of light
  • The brightness is up to 100 LM
  • Can extend lantern lengthwise or close up and hang with the cute little handle
  • It’s lightweight
  • Can be use it to charge either Android or iOS devices

The cons:

  • The accordion type folding section is thin plastic/ material.
  • It takes about 4 hours to full charge via adapter
  • Solar charging takes more time to full charge

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AGPTEK Solar Lantern

Product Summary: It has a nice weight to it and is very easy to use and has different options to charging it. AC, batteries, solar and hand crank. You can also charge it through a cigarette lighter in a car.

It does hold a charge for a good. Using 3 AAA batteries it lasts about 3 hours. Extremely bright for an LED lantern that can be charged by sun or hand crank. Exceptional versatility when it comes to charging .

It charged to 100% the battery of cell phone, and the lantern can be able lighting after charging the lantern again. On the low mode it’s been on 32 hours non-stop.

What makes it stand out?

  • Well design
  • Lightweig
  • Brightnes
  • Versatility
  • Solar and USB Port charging facility
  • Up to 32 hours nonstop longevity on low mode
  • It can be seen 10 miles away on high lighting and 5 miles away on low lighting

The Cons: Takes more energy to charge it

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Toughlight lantern

Product Summary:  The Tough Light is compact. So pay attention to that when you order. It is only 7″ high by 3.5″ wide. Not a problem since it gives off big light. With the three light level settings you will find one perfect to suite the task at hand. It has hanging hooks on each end, plus it comes with an extra quick release hook. That makes locating, and relocating this lantern much easier.

It has so many helpful features in one product (lantern, power bank, white light, red light, red flash, battery power indicator, water resistance for rain/splashes).

It can be use a phone charging cable to boost up your phone with a little emergency charge.

What makes it stand out?

  • Brightness: 400 Super Bright Lumens
  • Battery life: Premium 6000mAh Li-ion battery. The Lanterns easily lasted the whole week with at least another 36 hours of battery left. 50,000 hours of rechargeable use.
  • Simple operation: Press button for high, medium, low, flash, off.
  • Size/weight: Lantern is relatively small size which is nice. It is not very heavy. Only 1.3 pounds
  • Waterproof: Through at least 4 downpours and there is absolutely no water inside
  • Power Bank:  Charges most mobile devices including cell phones go pro cameras and tablets for convenience when enjoying the great outdoors
  • Warranty: 2 years (30 days money back guarantee)
  • Usages: When using your Tough Light for fun, the recreational uses include fishing, boating, work light for shed or garage, RV light, porch light, camping and tent light, hiking, dog walking, grilling or used as a flash light for any reason
  • Alternative Charging method: Tough Light can be charged from your car’s battery through the 12-volt DC charger (cigarette lighter) so even if the power is out for weeks or you enjoy long camping trips, you can still have light and be able to charge your cell phone as well.

The Cons:

  • USB port may cause hassle on several products (But you replaced the faulty one whereas it has a long time warranty)

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Vont 2 pack LED camping lantern

Product Summary: If you are looking for a camping lantern it would be a great product with four different amazing features. These all are compact, easy to use lanterns are ideal, especially for their price. For such a little lanterns and not many batteries, these put off a good amount of light.

The hanging feature is great as well. It could place this on picnic table or have the option to hang from the interior hook built into the roof of tent. These are a great addition to camping bins. It has decent brightness and very rugged design.

The light is bright, white and clean and illuminates very well. The lanterns are small making them very convenient and comfortably portable. 

What makes it stand out?

  • Super bright & long lasting
  • Compact & lightweight (1.04 pounds)
  • Waterproof & indestructible
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Average Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • Usage: camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, emergency, hurricanes

The Cons:  Not very sturdy when high winds hit because of its lightweight and smallness

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SUAOKI collapsible clover style camping tent lantern

Product Summary: This clover-shaped camping lantern is designed to conform to your needs, this is why it is thought to adapt to different situations.

The 3 lampshades can be adjusted independently to direct the light towards a specific angle, it can be hung or set on its base.

The lantern features 3 lighting modes: low, high and SOS blinking brightness. No matter where you are or what are you doing, this lantern will conform to fit all of your needs, even in the case of an emergency!

It charges fast by solar or plug. Gives off tons of light inside the tent and a dark room! It is also easy to direct the light towards the right, left or a corner.

It is also lightweight, you can use it at home, working on the car or the kids can use it in a fort or tree house.

What it makes stand out?

  • Built in solar panels and a micro USB port can charge lights more nature friendly with ease.
  • 680 mAh Built-in Battery
  • LED specification: 18Leds 3528 white light 6000-6500K
  • High level lighting time after fully charged: 2 hours
  • Low level lighting time after fully charged: 4 hours
  • Flash level lighting time after fully charged: 4 hours
  • High-brightness lighting time after 1 hour charging under sunlight (500W/ M2): 15 minutes
  • Low-brightness lighting time after 1 hour charging under sunlight (500W/ M2): 30 minutes
  • Versatile Lighting Source: Low, High and SOS
  • Convenient to carry, portable, foldable and durable.
  • Use it as a flashlight when compressed or as a regular when it’s expanded
  • Suitable for camping, hiking or even as a reading light
  • Lightweight: 0.37 Pounds
  • Warranty: 1 Year

The Cons:

  • Could not to use in high humidity or high heat environments
  • The switch stands at dark side and may waste time trying to find the switch.

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Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern

Product Summary: The Kizen solar lantern goes further with several innovative and versatile features that make it the perfect item for camping, hiking, outdoors, and emergencies.

This is a great little camping lamp for the price. Solar powered, as well as a USB port for charging it or other electronic devices. It can be used closed as a flashlight or pulled open as a lantern, and has two brightness settings as well as an SOS signal. It worked very well & is small enough to stick in a pocket when nearing dark for easy access when needed.

It illuminated the entire tent well enough and not need any other light source. It’s very bright, lightweight, and compact- super convenient for traveling.  It is light enough for back packing bike camping or to put in a bug out bag.

Whatever the weather conditions: rain or shine, hot or cold, the Kizen solar lantern has you covered.It takes 4 hours to fully charge by USB. It will last 5 hours on high, 10 hours on low and 6 hours on SOS. By solar it will depend on the intensity of the sunlight. It has been tested to last out in rain and wind.

What makes it stand out?

  • Space Saving Collapsible Lantern
  • Multiple Light Modes 
  • Emergency Power Bank
  • Splash Proof Rated
  • Lightweight
  • Brightness
  • Easy to use
  • Compacted to use as a flashlight or extend it to use as a lantern. 
  • Has 3 settings, bright, brighter, and strobe (blinking).
  • The battery is solar and USB rechargeable

The cons: Not so sturdy. So it takes a little practice to get a hang of the opening and closing.

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TANSOREN 2 PACK Portable LED Camping Lantern
Product Summary: The TANSOREN Solar Lantern is an extremely versatile source of light whether around the house, in the backyard, or on a camping expedition. Give the Solar Lantern a quick charge with the 5V DC cord or using the solar cells located at the top of the light. Omni-directional LED lights provide illumination in every direction around the campsite.

What it makes stand out?

  • Very compact, lightweight and collapsible and small size;
  • Can be kept on table or mounted on wall;
  • Solar charging, DC charging or 3-AA battery.
  • Water Resistant
  • Can be charge android devices.
  • Usable in both home and outdoor
  • Very convenient for Hurricanes, Storms, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Boating, Car auto emergency light, Shed, loft, Garage & Power Cuts
  • 100,000 hours of bulb life, no need to replace bulbs

The Cons:

  • Cannot charge Apple mobile phone
  • May be damage LED’s when charging on DC if the power is on.

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d. light portable solar lantern

Product Summary: In terms of outdoor solar light it is one of the best product with low price margin and comes with super brightness and able to spread out its lumens circularly with its three different features. This new A2 model is a great addition to the d.light line, since it’s much smaller and lighter than they’re other models. It fits very neatly in a backpack or suitcase.

What it makes Stand out?

  • Resistant to water, weather, dust, and drops
  • Up to 4 hours of light with one time faster-charging high-efficiency solar panel
  • Ultra-portable, ultra-bright LED camping lantern brings light its surroundings without sacrificing brightness
  • It is designed to be flexible and built to be durable so Perfect for camping, hiking, or anytime you want to unplug and live off the grid.
  • It is lightweight with only 80 grams
  • One year warranty

The Cons:

  • No product info in its leaflet.
  • The battery is housed in a permanent plastic holder. So it is difficult to recycle.

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MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

Product Summary: If you are looking for complete features of best solar light, MPOWERD Luci solar lantern is the only lantern that takes full charge only from sun. No additional batteries needed.

Its unique design is inflatable, collapsible and has a little weight. This water resistant and submersible capacity makes its unique and unbeaten from others as a tiny lantern. You will be happy with this for the following reason.

What makes it stand out?

  • Its gives lights upto 12 hours without interruption
  • Handy, Inflatable, collapsible, lightweight (only 4.4 ounce), fully waterproof and submersible
  • 10 powerful white LED Lights with three different setting of bright, super bright and one second flashing.
  • Hanging/Clipping facility
  • 1 Year warranty

The Cons:

  • It is more perfect for backpacking
  • Your light takes longer to fully charge when UV Scale is low (1 or 2). Try to charge when UV Scale is high.
  • It may harm to charge from direct sunlight.

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Nebo weatherRite eco lantern

Product Summary: This is another great product from WeatherRite. It also large from another that going to be difficult to get into backpack with all of your other gear but does make the perfect lantern for camping, hunting, boating, road trips etc. It has 24 bright led’s that gives you a huge amount of brightness.

It won’t last all night on a single charge, but it will last most of the night, and if you need more light the wind up handle in the bottom will recharge the lantern without too much effort.

What makes it stand out?

  • Portable and reliable energy saving
  • 24 Super Output of 157 Lumens
  • Reflectors in LED Housing evenly distribute light
  • Wired guard protects LED housing
  • Charging Indicator
  • 4 methods of charging: Solar power, AC power, DC power and wind up. No batteries needed
  • Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, road trips, RVing, power outages, at home use, or any emergency situation.
  • One year warranty

The Cons: Light may give wrong indication results get into trouble.

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Goal Zero Light Solar powered lantern

Product Summary: This collapsible solar powered lantern is a lightweight companion to any adventure with 60 lumens of usable light on high and a 35 hour runtime on low consistently. It also features a soft candle flicker mode for ambiance.

It comes with eight different color modes and a multi-color fade. The multiple colors are bright but on the cycle setting they transition beautifully from one color to the next.

It isn’t waterproof but absolutely works in heavy downpour. The silicone shade will be easy to disinfect. The shaded sides are thick enough to expect years of service. The removable handle is strong and well attached.

The entire electronic module with solar on the top, battery inside, and LED lights on the bottom is solid and protected from the elements.

The light is great around camp; it can be hung up on a rope easily.

What makes it stand out?

  • It is cheaper than its functionality
  • It is lightweight, collapsible, small and convenient to carry
  • Dual charging system
  • Three power output settings: high, medium and low
  • There are loops on either side of the light you could easily hang it.
  • 35 hours runtime
  • Well built, sturdy and very handy

The Cons: The various models are difficult to operate than their other one Goal Zero White.

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AIDIER Solar Camping Light, Dual Solar and USB Charging Lantern

Product Summary: This solar camping light recharges fast and the battery keeps the charge for longer. It produces enough brightness to suit your camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, emergency and other outdoor activities.

It charges well even with indirect sunlight. The solar panel is very sensitive even picking up other sources of lights (red indicator) and they are plenty bright.

What makes it standout?

  • Solar Energy and USB Dual Charging Capacity
  • Waterproof, Magnetic and Hand
  • Multipurpose LED Light With Power Bank Function
  • Three Lighting Mode: Super bright, Normal, Flashing
  • Portable and Tiny Design
  • It provides 45-day money back and 18-month manufacturer’s warranty 

The Cons:

  • Due to different place, the charging time may different. 
  • Red dot on clear plastic end detached from power switch making it a challenge to turn on/off.

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LE LED Camping rechargeable lantern

Product Summary: This lantern is perfect as an emergency go to light in case of a power failure or makes a perfect light source in a garage, barn or outbuilding where a plug in light would be a pain in the butt.

It’s flashlights have been used at least several hours without a dent to the 3 small batteries. It will remain lighted on the rechargeable battery for 4 or 5 hours.

The light itself is made from that very tough plastic and is well-made and not a cheap poorly constructed lamp. This is a terrific light regardless of your need as a safety back-up or something to take camping or on your boat.

What makes it stand out?

  • Detachable Flashlight
  • Ultra Bright
  • Car Charger & Compass is small and che
  • Water Resistant
  • Other Applications: Camping, Repairing, Hiking, Fish
  • Warranty: 24 months

The Cons: The detachable flashlights aren’t chargeable but operate on two AA batteries each. The plastic piece that holds them in place is not super strong.

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Product Summary: This flashlight is so handy; it comes with a rechargeable battery and a holder that allows you to use regular batteries if the rechargeable ran out.

It is water resistant and has a magnetic base to stay on a metal surface. One end is Led and the other end is the COB light. The light is very bright. The rotating head is so helpful and can set it to different angles.

What makes it stand out?

  • 8 Lighting Modes: For Flashlight–Soft, Strong, Strobe and SOS light/For Floodlight– Soft, Stepless, dimming, Red and blue warn light. 
  • Backup Power Bank with 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Waterproof Flashlight
  • Lightweight: 5.6 ounces
  • Portable camping lantern and equipped with magnetic and sling hanging design, adsorb on iron objects with magnets or hang on tree with lanyard or hidden stainless steel hook.
  • 12 months warranty and 24 hours quick professional response after sale service
  • Suitable usages: tents, cabinets, hallways, workshops, basements, garages, roofs, drawers, etc.
  • Floodlight: Continuous lighting time: 6-80 Hours
  • Spotlight: Continuous lighting time: 10 Hrs (Strong)/20Hrs (Normal)

The Cons:

  • The switches would be easier to operate if placed at the other endcap, that is, the ‘front’ with the reflector.
  • Magnet did not hold the weight because of the ridge on the endcaps which prohibits the magnet from direct contact with the surface (which was wider than the span of the light). If narrower surface might hold

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16. Coleman Quad LED Lantern 

Coleman led lantern

Product Summary: Coleman’s always been a big name in camping gear. So,take the convenience of four lights in one with you with the Coleman Quad LED Lantern. Together the lantern shines 190 ultra-bright lumens for up to 75 hours. During an emergency, pop one of the four lights off the base for a personal flashlight.

The lights are nice and bright. Taking one side of the lights off the base while having the base turned on so that the space is lit up while not shining in your face.

The lantern is somewhat heavy with all the d batteries in it. The individual lights are nice and light though. This is great for car camping and at home.

What makes it stand out?

  • Four individual light panels snap onto a single lantern
  • Lights recharge on the base; Lantern powered by 8 D-cell batteries; Works well and long with Polaroid D Batteries;
  • Range for both, 26 ft. (8 m); Easy-carry handles for the lantern and each panel; On/off switches on lantern’s top and on each panel; Lifetime LEDs never need replacing; Cool-running LEDs are safe to touch; Diffused lenses reduce LED glare
  • Water resistant against rain and splashing; 5-year limited warranty
  • Product weight with power source: 6.15 lb.; Dimensions: 6.5 x 11.7 in.

The Cons:

  • It’s pretty heavy 
  • The base was very difficult to unscrew to begin with and requires a large strong hand to do it. 

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17. Coleman Twin LED Lantern

Coleman Twin Led Lights

Product Summary: Light the night your way with the Coleman High Performance 390L Twin LED Lantern. At up to 390 lumens, this lantern lets you see far and wide while four LEDs, which never need to be replaced, provide effective, efficient, energy-saving light.

The rotating dial offers customization light settings from low to high. Long run times- 299 hours on low and 85 hours on high and will have you back home before you need fresh batteries.

Its weather-resistant construction delivers reliable output, even in wet and windy conditions, and its base unscrews for quick access to the battery chamber so you can change them virtually anywhere, anytime.

What makes it stand out?

  • Textured tube for perfect beam pattern
  • Beam distance: 10 m on (high), 6 m (low)
  • Powered by 8 D batteries (sold separately)
  • This is an excellent emergency power outage light to have for general illumination  
  • Last a very long time on any setting
  • The lantern has a sturdy hook that allows it to be hung overhead if desired
  • The lantern feels sturdy and well made

The Cons: It is heavy to carry

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Product Summary: The PackLite Nova USB has multiple brightness levels, and shines up to 75 lumens. Many users use the Medium (12-16 hours on a full charge) or High (6-8 hours on afull charge) settings for reading.
These lanterns are designed to hold 80% of the battery charge in storage for up to 2 years.There are 4 LED indicator lights that show you how charged the battery is. The battery can be charged via solar, or via USB cord.

There are protections against overcharging.  No need for batteries or outlets. Use the power of the sun to recharge your LuminAID lantern.

What makes it stand out?

  • Charged by the sun and USB cord
  • Waterproof and floats
  • Compact and portable
  • Adjustable settings
  • Hold charge for long hours
  • Overcharging protector
  • Expand and collapsible mode.

The Cons: Hard to turn on/off and change colors. The power button is flat and gives no “click” when pushed. Several attempts and lots of pressure may be required to activate the switch.

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Conclusion: No matter which camping light you choose, it should be considered always to meet your own requirements. For a best solar camping light, you do not have to spend a lot of money these days, like Amazon you can get a good lighting source at reasonable prices from different online shops also.


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